businessman vs spiritual person

I have spent many years on studying spirituality together with practicing meditation thus we could easily say that I have a very strong spiritual background. I have friends who are also coming from this circle and we share about our discoveries, experiences etc. But apart from having a spiritual background I also do business and I deal with other businessmen - and sometimes I work with the top executives from big international corporations. Thus I have a chance to observe people from 2 "different" worlds.

And it is very interesting to see how they approach the same events and situations happening in our world. Let's start with spiritual people then. Now we have the famous 2012 year which according to Mayan Calendar is the end of the world or at least the year of drastic transition of the whole Earth called ascension into the next dimension ( it depends on the interpretations of the Mayan Calendar and predictions of Nostradamus ). The planets of our planetary system are going to align themselves in one line in December 21, 2012 and this is the marking point of the transition. But in the process of alignment of the planets there are also some important marking points in between. For example yesterday - 05 June 2012 - there was a transit of Venus which passed between the Sun and the Earth in such a way that there was visible small black point on the Sun. On one hand we could say that this is special event from the point of view of astronomers because this is happening only every more then 100 years. But from the point of view of the spiritual people this is even more important because according to them the whole Earth starts to enter into more feminine energies. In general the spiritual people are somehow convinced that after the ascension we will be living in the better world and it will happen by itself - well... it will be done by the energies once the earth passes through the belt of very strong energies on the galactic equator. These energies will transmute all the bad and we will have much better world. And this belief about the ascension has very big influence in the decision making process of these people because they tend to give less and less importance to materialistic world. Simplistically speaking they just don't make long term plans, investments etc. They live on the day to day basis.

Now... there has been already much said about it and there is no point for me to repeat it all ( if you would like to know more about it then pls try to find more info on internet ). I just wanted to present briefly the situation and point of view of the spiritual people so that we may have a point of reference when we compare them with the businessmen.

Thus let's have a look at how they interpret the world events. The world economy entered into the crisis about 4 yrs ago and until today hasn't really recovered from it. Thus today it is much more difficult than 5 yrs ago to make business and make easy money. Most of the businessmen realize it but apart from this not much has changed in their attitude. Many of them have probably heard something about the transition of Venus, Mayan Calendar, the end of the world or the ascension but they don't know many details about it like spiritual people do and they don't really take it seriously. They are as always thinking about how to manage their business, how to lower their costs, how to make a new investment and in general how to make more money for themselves and their families. And according to the statistics they are very effective in doing it. Even though we are still in crisis we have today more millionaires than before the crisis started.

Thus as you can see there is a definitely big difference in the approach to daily life and planning for the future of people from these 2 groups. And as I said before it is very interesting for me to see this striking difference, especially because I can observe it on a daily basis - we could say that within the same day I am moving and living in 2 different worlds.

So... I have described above the 2 different groups but how is my person approach to all of it ? I am aware that the situation in our world is ever more worsening but I have realized that it is caused by us ( the humans ). We are responsible for it. We have allowed the greed, abuse, poverty, crime, wars etc. Thus because we are the creators of it, we are the ones who must do something to change it and if we don't do it than there is also possibility that we will bring our world to the point of complete destruction - through the depletion of natural resources which will put to much stress on the planet itself and secondly through the increasing pollution. Whether we will go through the belt of very strong energies on the galactic equator, I don't know because this is beyond the scope of my awareness. Thus I don't make my decisions in daily life based on it just because somebody else said it. But I do make my decisions based on the principle of what is best for all life and I support and work actively on implementation of Equal Money System because this is the first step in the direction of making the change in the world. And no matter what will happen after 21 of December 2012, I will continue doing what is best for all and I would recommend that everybody also starts to live the same principle because than we will be able to make a real and permanent change in the world.

P.S. Even if we ascend and the energies will transmute the world into a better place but people will continue being greedy and egoists than we will very quickly recreate the same shit we are living in now.



Published: 2012 - June - 06      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater