I was at the beach today. At one stage the waves have washed out of the water something that was looking from the distance like a jellyfish ( about 30 cm diameter which is quite big in this area ). Somebody who was walking along the beach has stopped to look at it and at the same time more people started to come and put themselves in a circle around this creature. They looked at it and they talked with each other trying to find out what is it. I didn't go there but I was observing it from the distance of about 10 meters. It was a group of about 15 people where some of them were children. It was just a group of curious people and there would be nothing really special about it apart from the fact that some of the people in this group were naked. Well.... this was unofficial nude beach thus if somebody wanted to sunbath naked than it was ok along with people who were wearing swimwear.

Now... it was very interesting to see this small group of people. There was a boy of about 5 years and a young girl of about 12 years wearing bikini and she was standing next to men who's dicks were hanging out and women with their pussies and boobs flashing out. But nobody was making fuss about it. There was no problem with it.

Why would I mention it here in this article ? In our culture we have made nudity a taboo, something disgusting, dirty etc. In many countries - including highly "civilized" countries like USA and Australia - it is not allowed even to go topless on the beach. WTF... what is wrong with being on the beach and showing a little bit of body tissue called breast or penis ? Why we have made so much fuss about it to the point that we will be fined or even we can be imprisoned for it ? The animals walk naked around and nobody makes fuss about it. We need to also mention that the animals even fuck in the public and still we accept it as something normal. But we have made illegal to go topless or naked on the beach ? I have to say it again ... WTF.

We have been taught by parents and brainwashed by the religion that nudity and sex is disgusting and dirty. And thus there should be no surprise that we have laws which simply enforce our stupid beliefs about nudity.

Apparently one of the reasons why nudity is not allowed in the public places and beaches is because we need to protect our children. I understand that we have big problem with the pederasts and child abuse but how making nudity illegal will protect the children. On this nude beach today there was no problem whatsoever. The children didn't give a shit about the naked people. I like to go to the nude beach myself and I have also seen many times whole families being naked on the beach - mother, father and the children being together. Thus I know that it is all just a matter of education. If we stop making nudity a taboo than we will also have much less sexual abuse in the world and I can guarantee it.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - June - 01      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater