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What is the solution ? What could be done for these girls being forced to be sex slaves ? The whole situation is extremely difficult and almost hopeless.

Well... the businessman could possibly go to the police and report it but what will this change if he doesn't have any prove of it ? The girls will not testify because they are aware that this would mean that their family will be harmed and even killed. Apart from this we are dealing with well organized mafia who is having a lot of money and most probably they have already corrupted the police and thus they will not intervene anyway.

It really seems that there is no solution for the girls. Does it mean that we should give up and do nothing about it ? Well... this is what humanity normally does and nothing ever changes. Through our giving up we allow things to continuously worsen. To change anything in this situation we would have to understand the cause of it. And it is obvious that all is happening because of money and greed. It is impossible not to see it. But don't get me wrong. We cannot blame money for it. It is what we have done with this money and how we have become possessed by money and the power the money gives us. It is really fucked what we did.

Now... there is a solution for the girls and for the rest of the world but this solution will not happen by itself. We must stop hoping, believing and praying and we must understand that Jesus or god himself is not going to come on the cloud and save us from this misery. We have made the mess and we have to clean it ourselves. And we will be capable and efficient in doing it only if we stop giving up and waiting for others to do something about it. We must work in the group and the sooner we do it, the sooner we make the change. There is not going to be miracles. Technically speaking the change itself could be done within a very short period of time but because people give up and resist the change, than it will take us many years before we achieve it. But no matter how difficult it is and how long it takes, there cannot be giving up because we have the solution at hand and it only needs to be implemented. I am not asking you to go and face the mafia people with the gun. This is too risky and dangerous and most probably you are going to die because they are protected by an army of body guards and the corrupted police. But we can approach this problem in different way. We can change it with Equal Money System. This is the solution and if you are giving up and resisting it then you are responsible for all the suffering that is going on, you are responsible that the innocent girls are being turned into sex slaves and nobody can help them because the mafia has money, is in control of police and the justice system and through this they are untouchable in the current system. There is no more excuse that you don't know what to do. If you don't do it you are responsible and accountable for it. If you resist it or if you fight it ( and we can see how people react towards those who support Equal Money System ), than remember one thing - you are not deserving to be even called fucking scam or whatever is the most insulting word in the dictionary. Or maybe I should say that you are fucking human because this is what humans do - they give up and fight those who do something to make the change. And the word "human" should be actually the most insulting word in the dictionary as for now until we prove that humans deserve respect. But if we are going to act the same way as we do now than this is going take us long time to change the meaning of this word.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - May - 30      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater