business negotiations

We are continuing our article about business negotiation techniques and go to day 2 ( the final day ). On the previous day the person A was in the sauna drinking alcohol. As I said before alcohol, heat and humidity have much stronger and quicker effect on a persons consciousness than in normal drinking in the bar and if you are not aware of it than you may find yourself being completely knocked out very quickly. Somebody may say: "well... shit happens" and simply laugh at this person because that is what humans do when they listen to other people telling with pride their stories of how drunk they got at the party, how much they vomited and how big hangover they have the next day.

But we may not forget that the person A is on a business trip and in the process of signing the final contract worth millions of dollars. Anyway it is almost guaranteed that the person A will wake up the next day with extremely strong headache and other symptoms of hangover. And this should not be a surprise. But person A will be extremely surprised when he wakes up with extremely strong headache and after few minutes or more he will realise that he is already on the plane, the official contract is lying in front of him and it is signed by him but he doesn't remember how and when he did it. He will try to remember how it happened but he will only get some glimpses of memories of the last day and it is the result of drinking alcohol in the sauna. But we should also not exclude the possibility that the drinks had something added to it to make sure that the person A gets intoxicated and "loose the film" ( memory ) for sure.

This is the most probable outcome of the visit to the sauna. But there is also a possibility that person A is very strong and doesn't get intoxicated very easily. And if for some reason the person B will not be able to get the signature of the person A than the negotiations will continue on the 2nd day. But before we continue with day 2 we have to point out that no matter how resistant to alcohol and other substances this person is, there will be always some form of compromise in the behavior and self awareness. And this person will do things - that he would normally not do - much easier. Of course your hosts ( business partners with whom you are negotiating the contract ) will continue being nice and friendly to you and they will have "genuine" laugh with you about what happened on the previous day. You will finish another official business meeting discussing the last details and hopefully sign the contract.

But you know how to negotiations function. Both parties have their objectives ( limits ) which in the beginning are different and during the negotiations both parties go on compromise and in the end they meet somewhere in the middle between their initial objectives. Of course there is also a possibility that person A will not be completely satisfied with the negotiations about certain small details to the point that he will not want to sign the final contract. And no arguments and offers of a person B will be satisfying enough to sign the contract. Well in this case the person B will present his last and final offer which will discard any doubts that they are the best business partners in the whole world with whom person A should sign the multimillion dollar contract.

I will remind you once again that no matter how resistant somebody is to alcohol, he will in some way be influenced by it and he will do things that he would normally not do and he will not always remember everything what he did. Thus the person B will show - with the "genuine" smile on his face - the person A the video record of what he was doing the night before with the girl or girls which he has chosen while being in the sauna and which have taken care of him in the private room. And in this case person A will have to make the choice between compromising on the little differences which stopped him from signing the contract in the beginning of the negotiations or being exposed and possibly loosing the job, your family, friends etc. Most of the people will choose the first option.

Now... the same applies to the person A which has woken up in the plane with the signed contract without knowing how and when. If he tries to question the legality of it and he will business negotiationstry to revoke and cancel the contract, he will also be presented with the video of him being with the naked girls ( or boys or whatever ) in the private room. As I said before person A is under strong influence of alcohol or other substances and is not conscious and aware of what is going on with him and thus we may not exclude that our friendly hosts have arranged some really nasty stuff like recording that he is having sex with under-aged persons which means imprisonment if the judge finds out about it, maybe the person has signed the contract in which he has agreed to sell his house in his country to a person B for little money and in the case of objecting signing the big contract he will loose his house, his wife will be shown the video etc.

As you can see our hosts are very "friendly" but at the same time they are very creative, their business negotiation techniques are unbeatable and almost nobody can resist their arguments when it comes to final phase of the negotiations.

And you have thought when you finished your Harward University that you were taught the best and most effective negotiation techniques in the business world. Well... as you can see you are wrong. The person B hasn't graduated from best universities in the world but still his techniques are more effective then yours.

I remind you once again that this is not a fairy story. This is happening for real. I have heard it ( by accident ) while having lunch in the restaurant and listening to the people next to me talking about it. And they were the top executives from big companies.

To be continued...


Published: 2012 - May - 27      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater