business negotiations

This is not a fairy story. It is all real and it is happening in the business world.

Let's say that you are a director of a big company and you are going on a business trip to finalize the negotiations and sign a multi-million dollar contract. Here there are various scenarios of how it happens and I will only describe one of them.

Let's say fly for business meeting to another country for negotiations. On the first day you are discussing the final details of the contract in the conference room. And of course while you are there you are being treated in the best possible way. In the end you are negotiating a multimillion dollar deal. Thus you are staying in the 5 star hotel, you are being invited to a luxurious restaurants etc. Later in the evening after the business meetings you are also being invited to a wellness center so that you may also discuss the small things in the relaxing atmosphere. You have a shower, you go to the sauna etc. Usually it is all very luxurious and there is nothing really special about it until certain moment.

Thus you are seating inside of the sauna room with the other guys with whom you are negotiating the contract. You are also being served some alcoholic drinks while being inside there from time to time. During negotiations in the conference room you would never drink alcohol but here you are thinking that you are already unofficial and this is more of a relaxation time ( most of you probably already know that drinking alcohol in the sauna has much stronger intoxicating effect than when you drink it in the bar ).

You have taken already few drinks. You are not so serious anymore and you start to believe that it is all fun and relaxation. Suddenly the door opens and there are entering the room very beautiful girls in high-heeled shoes but apart from this shoes they are not wearing anything else - they are completely naked. They enter the room and they put themselves in the middle of the room in a row. You are a little bit shocked in the beginning because you don't know what is going on. You didn't expect anything like this when you were invited to go to the wellness centre. Thus you ask the other guy or guys:

A: What is going on ? What are they doing here ? Why do they have attached numbers to their hands ?
B: Well... you may choose.
A: What do you mean "I may choose" ?
B: That is what I mean. You choose the girl.
A: Yes ?
B: Yeah... don't worry... it is on me.
A: But I don't want to.
B: Common... just choose the girl and she will take care of you.

All the time you are being served alcoholic drinks and because the heat of the sauna enhances the intoxication much quicker so you start being affected by it - you are not so serious anymore. You don't want to offend the host thus you choose one of the girls and after some time she takes you with her to a private room. What is happening in there, I don't have to write anymore because it is easy to imagine.

And so day 1 of the negotiations is finished.

P.S. Sometimes the person A will not want to choose the girls even though the host strongly insists that he chooses one. But that is not a problem for them because their hospitality is extremely good. The girls leave the room and after a while there comes a group of good looking boys.

To be continued...


Published: 2012 - May - 26      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater