crisis and unemployment

So what ? There has been already more than 4 years since the big financial crisis which started in 2007 and we are still not recovering. The situation is unstable and the governments are still not sure what to do about it. But interestingly that even though it is bad the rich people are getting richer. Surprised about it ? Well... you shouldn't really. The bailout money are being taken from the tax payers ( the poor and middle class ) and given to the rich ones. Thus this is simple mathematics.

One of the big issues with the recovery is high unemployment which is continuously rising. And it is clear that as long as people don't have jobs they will not be able to spend money and there will be no recovery from the crisis. But again it is interesting that even though we are in the crisis some companies start to show increase in profits. Unfortunately quite a lot of times it is due to the fact that the companies are reducing their costs by reducing their staff. From the point of view of the interest of the company it makes sense but unfortunately this is only short term solution. At some point companies will not be able to cut more costs and fire more people and the same time they will not be making more revenues because as I said before there are more and more people without jobs and possibility to earn money. Thus there will come a moment when the companies will be forced to bankrupt completely and again there will be more people losing their jobs. Again it is simple logic.

So what are we going to do about it ? Knowing the psychology of humans I would say that probably not much. Those who are rich think that they are protected by god and the money etc. and that's why they are not going really to do much to solve the problems apart from making sure that they are accumulating more money and becoming richer. The middle class will progressively become poorer and weaker and they will also do nothing until they start to lose their possessions and security. Only then there is a chance that they will start doing something but then it may be much more difficult because they will be left with less money and thus they will have less influence on the politics etc. The poor ones will be becoming more and more desperate. Their unemployment benefits will run out and they will be left with very little money to pay for their basic needs to survive. Some rich countries will still provide some kind of help for these people but in many countries ( including the European ones like Spain, Greece etc. ) people will be left without help. This will lead to increased number of unlawful activities like robberies, drug dealing, prostitution etc. Don't judge these people. You better ask yourself question what are you going to do when you will become desperate and nobody will be willing to help you.

This is the future thus nothing is certain but yet this is a very probably scenario. Now... is it necessary to go through so much suffering and pain ? Is there a way to prevent it and bring on the change in our world in more peaceful way ? In the end all the wealth that is being accumulated by rich people is going to be taken away from them anyway. But instead of finding solution together and sharing the wealth with everybody we will have to go through violence and blood spill.

Equal Money System is the solution for our problems and it is our chance to make the transition in peaceful way while we control the outcome. If we don't do it we will go the hard way and we will not be able to control the outcome because once people become desperate their behaviour is unpredictable and everything may happen - including the complete destruction and the end of our civilization.


Published: 2012 - May - 25      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater