it must be a woman driving this car !

I was driving a car today and I have caught myself having a thought in my mind: "is this a woman driving the car in front of me ?" which was a form of judging a driver of the car in front of me as bad driver. I have seen already women driving a car very well and thus I don't have this particular belief in my head. Logically I discard this belief. I have seen that the reality is different. But yet I have those thoughts in my mind. Where do they come from then ?

Well... All that I could think of is that I am part of the manhood and men make a lot of jokes about women driving bad. I have participated in telling this kind of jokes and listening to this kind of jokes and thus I have given my energy to it. And thus to correct it I have to stop participating in it. Every time I catch myself having this kind of thoughts about women driving the car and I have to stop myself immediately.

Now... why would somebody bother about these thoughts at all ? They are just thoughts anyway and they are insignificant. Unfortunately not. Thoughts carry the energy and once this energy accumulates itself and reaches critical point it will manifest itself in the physical world. You don't have to believe me blindly. Go and do some studies and observations. And don't be surprised to see that those who have very strong belief engraved in their mind that women are better drivers, we will have much more experiences of this type in their life in comparison with the person who doesn't believe this. But there is also one interesting point in it. It doesn't mean that in all of those situations with women drivers, the women are actually at fault and to be judged as bad drivers. They could actually be driving correctly but this strong belief in the mind of the man is like a filter in front of his eyes and this filter will deform the perception of the reality in such a way that this man will see and perceive most of the time that that women are to be blamed and so he will further reaffirm his belief that women are drivers. We could say that this belief is growing according to the law of Fibonacci spiral.

There is also another point. Once the person exists as a mind than he is also subject to the laws of the mind and the mind operates within the law of polarities - good and bad, right and wrong etc. Thus we also have to look in our situation at the opposite polarity which in this case are women. And in the situations which involve woman being judged by a man as a bad driver, woman has accepted in her sub- and unconscious mind the belief that women are bad drivers. And so we have two polarities - the one who's judging and the one who is being judged. And these opposite polarities will "balance" themselves temporarily within the laws of the mind in the form of experiences and situations while driving the car but because both parties don't realize and understand fully the meaning of this experience then they will recreate very similar type of experiences in the future. And because they reaffirm their belief every time something like this happens then the experiences will happen more often and they will also be stronger in nature because the energy accumulates every time faster and stronger ( like Fibonacci spiral ).

Thus as you can see both sides are responsible for this kind of experiences. If you would like to correct this type of situation then you have to stop blaming and judging each other. Understand that the outside world is just the mere reflection of what is going on in your mind. Stop participating in your mind and stop giving the energy to self created beliefs and you will stop creating this type of experiences. Have a look at the statistics below. This is the reality and the reality is completely different to the belief created by the men about women drivers.

Insurance company AAMI has found some interesting statistics in a recent telephone survey of more than 2,000 drivers: *
- 55 per cent of men - 30 per cent of women - drink drive
- 47 per cent of men - 38 per cent of women - have rudely gestured at other drivers
- 84 per cent of men - 77 per cent of women - have crashed their vehicle
- 51 per cent of men - 40 per cent of women - have been distracted by billboards while driving
- 46 per cent of men - 36 per cent of woman - admitted to verbally abusing another driver
- 22 per cent of men - 15 per cent of women - admitted to using their mobile phones without hands-free accessories while driving

* http://www.crashstuff.com/men-versus-women-drivers-car-accidents-statistics/

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge women as bad drivers.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in the generalised belief that women are bad drivers.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realise that every time I judge the woman as a bad driver, it is because I make a self-definition of myself as a good driver; later I compare other drivers to myself and as long as they don't fall into my self-created definition of a good driver, I judge them as bad drivers.


Published: 2012 - May - 24      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater