being rich

One of the main reasons why men work so hard to get money is because they are hoping to attract the perfect female. Almost everybody has heard that saying: "money doesn't buy love" but still we can see around on every corner how people ( especially men ) are trying to defy this. We ( men ) are working so hard to get the money because we have this unconscious belief - deeply engraved in our mind - that we have to support and provide for the female and on top of this we belief that the more money we have the better chance to attract more beautiful and more perfect female. But here is one little trick within it because we cannot really specify what beautiful female means because different cultures have different definition of it and we have also seen the evolution of this word "beautiful" throughout the history of humanity. Today we have generally accepted that beautiful means a woman like on a magazine cover - slim waste, big boobs, rounded ass etc. But even today we have cultures which define a woman as beautiful only if she has deposition of fat tissue which according to fashion magazine is defined as fat and ugly. Thus you see that the definition of this world is not really clear and is different in various cultures and in different centuries. Maybe you are being called fat and ugly but it doesn't mean that you are not being regarded by some other cultures as really beautiful.

Thus when I talk about having a better chance to attract more beautiful female we should rather say that we ( men ) hope that once we have more money and more possessions then we will have a better chance of having more perfect sex. And this is pretty much the main reason why men work so hard to get a lot of money. And we can see it in everyday life. Men are trying to impress women with their new and expensive cars, luxury villas etc. This is completely defying the saying that "money doesn't buy love" but yet we do it and women accept it and participate in it. From their point of view this is completely justified because they have to survive somehow in this world and this one comes from their deeply engraved unconscious belief that women can not provide for themselves. Thus we can see that we need 2 parties to dance the tango. Men are trying to impress females with money and females allow themselves to be impressed.

But this is not all because we ( men ) have plan B. If all our efforts to attract a perfect female ( who apparently makes this decision free willingly ) fail than we use nasty tricks to get them to have sex with us anyway. There are many tricks but I will mention just few:

1. We make it difficult for women to earn money so that they are forced to sell their bodies for money because there is no other way to buy bread for themselves and for their family - and so we have created prostitution. And on top of this we call it a fair exchange. Men want to have sex and women want to have money thus this is an even and fair exchange of money for services ( at least according to men ).

2. If other methods of getting a woman to have sex with us are not effective then we have also another trick in the sleeve called rape. We just take advantage of our muscles and we use physical force to get woman to have sex with us anyway. And you know what ? The rapist almost always finds an explanation to justify his act as okay. But at the same time we should not judge the rapist so easy because there are many underlying issues and causes which possess and direct the person to commit an act of rape. It is not just the one person - the rapist. It involves all humanity as a whole.

3. Others

I would say that we should modify our famous saying a little bit and we should say: "money doesn't buy love but it buys sex". This is what we ( as humanity - male and female) are living it now. But if we make an effort then we could have another saying: "MONEY CAN BUY LOVE". You may think that I am crazy. No... I am not. If we make a new system in which everybody has an equal access to money and everybody has always guaranteed everything to have abundant life then this new saying could be very true. Investigate about Equal money System because this is the thing that would help us to make this saying sound true. Some effort is required to establish this system but it is very much possible to do it in the very near future.

P.S. If everybody has abundance of money then there is no more necessity for men to support and provide for female. And on the other hand women will not make their decision about relationship based on how much money their potential partner has. The whole dynamics of relationships will equalize and balance themselves in this new system of equal money. Believe me. You will have much better relationships/agreements and the whole sex thing will be something completely different. It will not be anymore controlled and manipulated by money but it will be self expression.

To be continued...


Published: 2012 - May - 17      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater