being rich

I continue sharing my observations which I noted when I was working like a rich person, a successful businessman.

Whether the businessman is successful or not successful almost all of them have one thing in common which is that they are working long hours, which eventually leads to accumulating tiredness and physical exhaustion. And this is what I wrote about in the previous article. But apart from tiredness there is a multitude of consequences which go along the physical exhaustion caused by working long hours.

And one of them is that you will start to compromise on your values. I am certain that when you were starting the business you had a great idea and perfect plan in your head on how to run your business and how to treat your customers. But unfortunately our world is far from being perfect and our current economic system doesn't support and applause the perfection which is best for all but instead it promotes competition, greed, abuse of others and once you run your business you have to face it no matter what. And here is one of the greatest challenges that you will have to face when you start the business because if you allow yourself to fall and become possessed by the greed and desire to succeed no matter what, then you will end up working long hours, which is never going to be enough anyway. Maybe your body copes better with the tiredness and you may only need to sleep 4 hours a day while others will have to sleep at least 8 hours, but it is almost absolute certainty that you will end up with an accumulating tiredness and physical exhaustion.

And this has a consequence. No matter what you say you will not be able to treat your customers the same way anymore. You will have to go on the compromise somewhere. And if you continue being possessed by the greed you will go on the compromise more and more. You may be a good actor, you may keep smiling and showing ( pretending ) your customers that you treat them the same way as always but inside of you, you will know that you are compromising your values. But at the same time I have to say the last point about knowing that you are compromising your values may not be so clear and visible and I explain why.

Once you start having more responsibilities which are overwhelming you and you are being faced with accumulating tiredness and physical exhaustion you start giving in and you allow very small compromises. Usually you don't agree on making big compromise ( at least in the beginning ) but you allow very small and seemingly insignificant compromises within your values. And if you continue doing these compromises, they accumulate and after some time you have a big mountain which consists of all those small compromises that you have allowed on the way.

To be continued...


Published: 2012 - May - 12      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater