1st of May

Today is the 1st of May - the day when we should give the respect for all the hard-working people. Generally people have the day free of work today in most of the countries. But how do people celebrate this International Workers' Day in Spain ?

In January I wrote an article about unemployment in Spain. 1. UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN - JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8% - PART 1
2. UNEMPLOYMENT IN SPAIN - JAN 2012 = 5.3 MLN = 22.8% - PART 2
At that time the official figures were showing that there are 5.3 million unemployed people in Spain which was 22.8%. This is the highest unemployment rate in the countries of European Union. In 2007 the official unemployment rate was standing at 7.9%. At that time that was a lot and people were not happy about it but if we compare it with 22.8% which we had in January 2012 then today this would be something very desirable for the Spanish government to achieve.

Now... The figure of almost 23% is something very high and one would think that is somewhere near the bottom and should stabilize itself around that level. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that way. In the first three months of 2012 there were additional 366,000 people who lost their jobs and the official figure stand now at 5,639,500 which is 24.4%. 1.6% increase within 3 months is a lot. And this is not all because the economists say that by the end of 2012 there will be around 6 mln unemployed people. The government is not going to find easy solution to it. There is no blue pill to fix it. There is a difficult road ahead for Spain. It all goes in the direction of Greece or maybe it will be even worse. Spain is much bigger then Greece ( 46 mln people vs 11.3 mln ). I am certain that the government of Spain and the bosses of European Union are not telling us everything. They are covering up a lot of shit because they don't want to create panic on global scale.

Thus if you would like to know how people celebrate the International Workers' Day in Spain today, I will tell you. Many are just having day off and they don't give a fuck about the 1st of May. They are just happy to have day off. But there are also people who are on the streets participating in the manifestations and demonstrations.

Now I am going to be "smart ass" and say: "I told ya"... "I knew this is gonna happen". This doesn't change anything though. But I tell you again that if we don't do anything about it then the situation is going to get worse and not only in Spain but in the whole world. We are going in that direction. You may hope and pray to god that you don't lose your job and maybe if you are lucky you will not. But I wouldn't say that this will be the act of god. It has been proven millions of times that god doesn't give fuck about your job. Thus something else influences that you have your job or not. Investigate for yourself and use common sense. But take into consideration one thing. Even if you don't lose your job and you have saved up enough money for yourself, if we don't do anything to help people without job and income then there is a big possibility that these people will come to you and steal your money. Don't be surprised when something like this happen to you, don't be angry, don't be disappointed with people and their lack of values and morality. If you were forced to face the fear of survival for yourself and your family, you would probably do the same. I recommend you that you do something to prevent it. The solution is at hand but it will not happen by itself. It needs active participation of many people.

Which is the solution ? .... Equal Money System - www.equalmoney.org Investigate it and support it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a system which is orientated on making as much profit as possible even though it means that many people will have to stay without job and without the resources to secure their survival.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create economic system which is orientated on achieving personal goals and making continuous profits at all costs without considering what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create economic system in which people are left without support and are forced to steal from others, cheat and do unmoral things.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realise that I have created this economic system which doesn't support life thus I am responsible for the consequences of it and unless I do something to change it and create new system which is best for all, I will have to continue walking through the consequences of it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the existence of governments which don't take care of people but instead those who are in power take care of themselves and their egoistic goals.


Published: 2012 - May - 01      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater