We are continuing with the subject of suicide. As I said in my previous blogs there are various reasons which bring a person to the point of making decisions about suicide and there are different scenarios of how all will develop and end up. But in all of it there is one common point - the person is dead.

Now... to be able to continue with our article and follow the situation of the person, we have to enter into afterlife. This could be a little bit tricky though because there are various religions and beliefs existing within humans in regards to afterlife. Thus without going into much detail about it, we will take on the point that after the act of suicide the spirit of the person leaves the body and continues existence in the non-physical dimension. But how is it there ? Is it nice and beautiful ? I don't know because I live here on Earth and I don't have access to other dimensions. But there is one point that helps me to get some idea of what could be happening there after death. And the best example would be this one. A person is having difficult life with many problems. After some time is simply being fed up with it and decides to move to another country because he/she has heard many times that life in another country is much easier and better. In the beginning everything is great but after some time this person starts to realize that all starts to become almost the same as before. There are different places and different people but the situations and behavior of the people towards this person is almost the same. And again this person is being fed up with this one and decides to move to another country. Everything is great in the beginning but then again after some time the story starts to repeat itself.

Now... how could we explain something like this ? This is kind of very simple. This person is creator of his world and what is happening out there is just a reflection of the creations of this person. The outside world is just mirror reflection of what is inside of this person. Thus the problems that are manifesting in the life of this person are because this person carries those problems inside of himself and later through resonances of the thoughts, emotions and feelings the situations in the outside world are being created and manifested. For some people this could be difficult to grasp in the beginning but unfortunately and unfortunately this is how it operates. Thus no matter where you go and in which country you live, you will always create similar type of experiences unless you start taking responsibilities for it and change yourself from within. Only then you will be able to have different experience.

So let's go back to our person who commits suicide. He is in afterlife, he killed himself because he was fed up with the problems of this world and he hoped to have better life (in after life ) out there. But this is the point. Going to the other dimension is just like moving to another country. This is not changing anything. The problems which drive the person to the point of making decisions about suicide were not out there. They were deeply engraved within the core of the being, the being has become one with it, thus after the death this person must still carry within himself the same problems. And whether this person lives in the dimensions or reincarnates into another body on earth he will still have to face the consequences until he understands why and how he creates the problems and change the cause which is this person himself - he is the creator.

But here is a little problem. Once the person reincarnates in the new body on earth we need at least 20 years before the person becomes adult and is able to deal effectively with the problem. But even that is not so easy because we don't have memory of previous lives and apart from this we don't teach our children how to deal effectively with the problems. Thus most of the time the person has to go through many cycles which are the repetition of the same situations and facing the same problems until he starts to realize that he is the creator of the problems and only then he can make the corrections and adjustments but of course under the condition that when facing the overwhelming problems, this person doesn't commit suicide again. Otherwise the whole process will be prolonged again over many, many reincarnations. Wouldn't it be easier to face the point as it comes, transform it and be done with it ?

To be continued...

Published: 2012 - Apr - 19      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater