Breakup of the relationship is another big reason for committing suicide. But how is it possible that a person is deciding to kill himself or herself because of the breakup ? One of the explanations is that the person is forming a relationship with another being from the mind. And this person identifies himself or herself as this relationship through the mind and when there is an end to the relationship the whole definition of a person as a relationship is broken, it is finished. This whole process is painful and some people decide to commit suicide because they believe that there is no more sense to live. But all of this is false illusion and we can see the proof of it because there are so many people who start new relationships and they say that they even happier then they used to be before in the previous relationship. But of course person who is in the process of breakup is completely blinded by the emotions and emotional pain and they don't see the same way. For them this is the end of the world and some of them decide actually do kill themselves.

What is the solution ? There is an excellent course and training provided by Desteni Group where people can learn how to form an agreement rather then a relationship with another being. In an agreement the person doesn't define himself as this relationship through the mind but is sharing life with another being in equality. Of course this is not done miraculously because both partners have to work through a process of identifying where they have defined themselves as mind and later make a correction. And this requires effort and time.

Agreements - Redefining Relationships

To be continued...

Published: 2012 - Apr - 18      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater