I was born and raised in a christian family. Thus I was exposed to the teachings of god and Jesus. As a “good” christian I was going regularly to the church at least once a week, I was praying twice a day to god, I was being taught by my parents and priests about love of god, sins of humanity and how we should be living principles of god in our daily life. 

And I was growing up trying to live the best I could what I have learned from Jesus’s teachings – “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Do unto other as would like to be done unto you”. But the reality of the daily life was different. People around me did not live what they taught me. I noticed that there are so many Christians ( “believers in god” ) who were doing a lot of destruction and harm to others. Later they were just going to the church, confessing their sins to the priest who was forgiving them their sins in the name of god and holy ghost. And afterwards they were going back home repeating the same sins. And this was going on and on without making any effective change whatsoever in their lives.

But whenever I was asking the question why is it like this, I was given the answers: “…we have to survive somehow in this world…” or “… everybody else is doing it so why should you not do the same…?” etc...          READ MORE             


Teachings, events, persons etc. that influenced my life


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